Located near the Coutts, AB / Sweetgrass, MT port of entry.

Load Storage

Located on the Canadian side of the Coutts/Sweetgrass port of entry is A-1 Storage and Transfer Yard. Oversized and small loads welcome for storage. Heated indoor storage available, contact for more details. Call today for pricing. 

Load Transfer
a-1 transfer services

Many oversized and heavy haul loads come in and are transferred in our yard each year. From wind turbines and heavy equipment, to modules and pressure vessels we can do it all. Forklifts and telehandlers on site to transfer smaller loads and stack boosters/jeeps if needed. Click "photo gallery" below to see some of the loads that have previously been transferred in our yard. Call ahead to guarentee prompt service.

Load Adjustment

Forklifts and telehandlers available onsite to adjust and legalize loads, stack boosters & jeeps, and arrange your load to get you going happily to your desired destination. We are located 500 yards from the Alberta commercial vehicle inspection station which makes adjusting loads very convenient. Call ahead to guarentee prompt service.